ahum – art heart u and mind is a trust which has been set up with the aim of connecting art and community by Anuradha Venkataraman, a Bharatanatyam danseuse.

In the present day scenario this has become very important. Though we are moving towards more civilized world, we seem to be losing the innate quality of being humane. There is an extreme amount of stress, impatience, aggression in the transactional nature of our daily life.

Participating in artistic pursuits, as an artist or as a connoisseur, helps us pause, reflect and introspect. It puts us in touch with our sensitive sides and builds a more humane and understanding society.

Ahum will work towards bringing this connection through various activities, to name a few:

  1. Workshops
  2. Art Residencies
  3. Community Outreach programs with the underprivileged
  4. Curated cultural experiences
  5. Festivals
  6. Immersive cultural experiences
  7. Archiving art forms and artistes which are in the verge of disappearance
  8. Rediscovering new spaces as performance spaces such as corporate workplaces

ahum as an organization is going to be launched in July end with a theatre festival, titled “ONE- 5 plays 5 women” at Allaince Francaise de Bangalore The plays have been curated to represent the marginalized gender and to question the societal attitudes that define and box them. In our society and in cultures worldwide we find the aggression towards women increasing every day, through these plays we would like our audience to introspect the way we define and judge people based on their gender.


ahum also runs a swastika, a music and dance academy in north Bangalore.

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