one - theatre festival



ahum presents “One” a theatre festival that brings in five plays five women in one festival. The festival explores the lives of women whose lives exist at the fringes of society. These women have redefined and questioned the social mores that time and again define their gender.

The plays that have been curated for this festival are from eclectic sources representing historical, mythological and real life characters from past to contemporary times. Even though mankind has evolved through the ages, society still struggles with its various prejudices that still stereotype women. These stereotypes seek to box women into narrow confines of societal expectations and restrict women’s choices, be it her choice of profession or her sexual preferences. “One” as it brings different narratives from different cultural landscapes yet the one thread that connects them is that of feminism. The idea is not to score a feminist political point but to hear and reflect how these women have struggled to find their space in a society where women are just objectified.

“One” is a festival that through the voices of these actors demystifies these narratives. Though these are not our stories yet these are stories of each one of us.


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